Alpha-GPC Capsules 60 ct 300 mg


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  • 60 Count 300 mg
  • Vegetarian Capsules
  • Third-party lab tested in the US

Synonyms: Alpha-Glycerophosphorylcholine, Choline Alfoscerate, Choline Glycerophosphate

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Alpha-GPC powder also available.

What is Alpha-GPC?

Alpha-GPC is one of the most efficient choline sources and is often the go-to choline format for stacking with nootropics and cognitive supplements.

Alpha-GPC Benefits

This supplemental choline source touts cognitive benefits such as supporting healthy levels of acetylcholine in the body. This leads to a variety of benefits varying by individual. Some may not experience noticeable effects with Alpha-GPC alone, while others experience noticeable cognitive benefits.

Dosage and Instructions

Take 1 capsule of Alpha-GPC 1 to 3 times daily as needed, preferably with food or a fish oil supplement.

Stacks and Synergies

Alpha-GPC stacks well with the uridine stack, which consists of B-vitamins, uridine, and fish oil. It also goes well with most racetams.