Choline Bitartrate 500 Grams


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  • Cognitive supplement
  • Synergistic with nootropic stacks
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synonyms: Choline L-Bitartrate

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What is Choline Bitartrate?

Choline is converted into acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. This ingredient is found naturally in foods such as eggs. However, supplementation in higher amounts is often necessary for cognition goals.

The L-bitartrate form of choline is the most economical. It contains roughly 40% choline by weight.

Other forms of choline include alpha-GPC and citcoline.

Choline Bitartrate Benefits

Choline supports general health, especially cognitive health.

Powder Dosage and Instructions

Choline bitartrate contains roughly 40% choline by weight. Take about 300mg of choline bitartrate initially to assess tolerance. Then increase this daily in 100mg increments up to 700mg as needed.

Do not exceed 800mg daily.