EGCG 50% Green Tea Extract Powder and Capsules


Quick Points

  • Standardized for 50% EGCG
  • Contains caffeine
  • Third-party lab tested in the US
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What is EGCG?

EGCG is the most potent catechin (a natural phenol) found in green tea. Benefits of green tea extracts containing EGCG revolve around maintaining a healthy body composition, energy, and cognition.

Which Extract Type is Best?

You may find other green tea extracts on the market are standardized for different compounds, such as polyphenols or catechins. However, EGCG is the most potent compound in terms of benefits. If a green tea extract isn’t standardized for EGCG content, then you could be wasting your money.

This particular extract is standardized for the following:

  • 50% EGCG
  • 98% poloyphenols
  • 80% catechins

Green Tea Extract Dosage and How to Take

Take 500mg (or one capsule) up to twice daily. When EGCG is taken with food, research found a reduction in carbohydrate absorption.

Synergies and Stacks

Taking green tea extract with a fish oil supplement increases bioavailability. A similar increase in potency is present when taken with quercetin. Caffeine may compliment the benefits of EGCG, but keep in mind that one 500mg green tea extract serving already contains up to 45mg of caffeine.

L-theanine can supplement the cognitive benefits of green tea extract.

Caffeine Content in Green Tea Extract

500mg of green tea extract standardized for 50% EGCG can contain up to around 45mg of caffeine. Caffeine sensitive individuals should not take this product.

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120 Capsules (500mg), 100 Grams Powder