Focus3d 60 Capsules – Dicaffeine Malate + Theacrine


Quick Points

  • Third-party lab tested in the US
  • 2 kinds of caffeine + theacrine
  • Contains L-theanine for jitter-free focus

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This product is discontinued. Here’s an easy way to experience the same benefits:

Take 2x caffeine and L-theanine capsules and 1x theacrine capsule. This provides slightly more caffeine and theacrine and yields benefits close to the original Focus3d.

Still want a convenient all-in-one energy supplement? Caffeine and theanine capsules provide jitter-free energy and 1-2 Go also provides caffeine and theanine, along with theobromine.

WARNING: Too much caffeine be be lethal. Do not take this product if you are sensitive to caffeine or have a cardiovascular condition. Do not take more than one capsule per 8 hour period.

Why Different Types of Caffeine?

Dicaffeine Malate (also called Infinergy) claims to slow caffeine tolerance build up and be easier on the digestive system than normal caffeine anhydrous. Its effects also last longer than regular caffeine and taking dicaffeine malate is less likely to result in a caffeine crash.

Caffeine citrate is a combination of caffeine anhydrous and citric acid. This combination enters the bloodstream faster than caffeine anhydrous alone.

This one-two punch of caffeine citrate followed by dicaffeine malate ensures a quick turnaround on your energy boost. At the same time, your elevated energy level lasts longer and is less likely to result in a crash than if you took regular caffeine.

Other supplement formulas also contain these alternative caffeine formats. For example, Mr. Hyde by ProSupps contains dicaffeine malate and caffeine citrate (listed on the label as a caffeine and citric acid blend). Another product containing caffeine citrate is Nutrex’s Outlift Amped.

However, the above products run around $0.80 per serving. If you’re looking for an energy source without preworkout ingredients per serving, Focus3d is a less expensive alternative.


Theacrine acts as a caffeine substitute. This ensures that you feel energized even if you have a high caffeine tolerance.

Like caffeine, theacrine acts on adenosine signaling. The structure of theacrine is similar to caffeine, but different enough that it bypasses caffeine tolerance.

Below is a comparison in the structures of caffeine and theacrine:

Curator’s Note

If you have a high caffeine tolerance or experience digestive side effects when taking regular caffeine, then you should try an energy supplement with dicaffeine malate and theacrine. After taking regular caffeine for days, I still notice a spike in energy after taking Focus3d due to its novel caffeine formats.