Sulbutiamine Powder and Capsules


Quick Points

  • Great caffeine substitute
  • Increases choline uptake
  • Third-party US lab tested
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  • Sulbutiamine’s primary benefit is the reduced perception of fatigue,* although this can vary between individuals.
  • Can increase choline uptake up to 10%*
  • Helps in the conversion of food into energy (ATP)*

Anecdotal reports of benefits include an increase in motivation, promotion of a balanced mood, and increased energy.*

Thiamine and Sulbutiamine Comparison

Sulbutiamine is an analog of vitamin B1 (thiamine), and is created by bonding two B1 molecules together. The reason why thiamine doesn’t have the same stimulating effects as sulbutiamine is due to the latter’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

This improved absorption is the result of sulbutiamine’s solubility. Its fat solubility allows it to more easily cross the blood-brain barrier. You can find a great comparison of B1 and sulbutiamine here.

Below is an image of sulbutiamine’s structure:

And vitamin B1 (rotated for easier comparison):

Sulbutiamine Dosage

Start with 200mg (or 1 capsule) to assess tolerance. Only increase the dosage to 400mg if needed. Do not exceed 400mg (2 capsules) per day.

How and When to Take

Due to its fat solubility, it’s best to take sulbutiamine with fish oil or a meal. Do not take this supplement within 5 to 10 hours of sleep since its half-life is 5 hours.

Since this product may increase choline uptake*, this pairs well with a choline source, such as alpha-GPC.


Powder or Capsules?

Sulbutiamine powder has a strong bitter taste, so capsules are preferred by most individuals over the powder.

Curator’s Experience

Although not categorized as a stimulant, I find sulbutiamine to have stimulating properties and often use it to supplement or replace the effects of caffeine. If you also experience stimulating effects from sulbutiamine, as most do, you can use this supplement to cycle off of caffeine. Theacrine also serves as a caffeine replacement and can be used as an alternative if you start developing a tolerance to sulbutiamine.

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60 Capsules 200mg, 25 Grams Powder