Taurine Powder 250 Grams


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  • Goes well with caffeine
  • Conditionally essential amino acid

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Taurine Benefits

Significant scientific evidence for the benefits of taurine seems to be sparse. Yet this supplement is prevalent in pre workout supplements and energy drinks.

There is one study that suggests taurine may increase CBF.* Decreased CBF is a common side effect of caffeine. Another study suggests suggests a similar benefit of taurine.*

However, due to taurine being a dietary supplement, and that there are few studies, could explain the restriction of claims relating to cardiovascular health.*

Due to taurine’s natural presence in the brain, it’s often advertised as promoting brain or neurotransmitter health. But there still seems to be sufficient research to determine exactly how taurine works in the brain.

Taurine Dosage and Taste

The suggested dosage for taurine is 500mg to 800mg no more than twice daily with at least 4 hours between doses. Taurine has a neutral taste and mixes well in water or a drink.

Where Does Taurine Come From?

Taurine is found naturally in the body, especially the large intestine. It’s also and in foods. Shellfish are rich in taurine, as well as dark chicken meat, beef, and lamb.

Taurine was initially extracted from ox bile in the 1800’s. This likely started the rumor that taurine is taken from bull semen. Today, commercial taurine is either synthesized or derived biosynthetically from cysteine.

Curator’s Experience

8 grams of taurine goes into 1 gallon of my homemade energy drink mix (also containing caffeine and theanine). This equates to 500mg per cup/serving. Unlike some supplements, you are not likely to feel or notice an immediate effect.