Vitamin D3 5000 IU 90 Softgels


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  • 90 count 5000 IU softgels
  • 3 month supply
  • Third-party lab tested in the US

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Synonyms: Cholecalciferol

What is Vitamin D3?

This fat-soluble vitamin is found naturally in fish and eggs and can also be produced by being in the sun. Since this vitamin is essential, it’s prudent to make it part of your morning vitamin stack if your diet lacks significant sources of vitamin D or if you spend most of your day indoors.

Dosage and Instructions

Take one 5000 IU softgel of Vitamin D3 once daily, preferably with food.

Common Stacks and Synergies

Vitamin D3 stacks well with a multivitamin, as well as other essential vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E.

Calcium and magnesium are also paired since vitamin D enhances their absorption.