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  • Promotes energy and focus
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What is Theacrine?

Theacrine is structurally similar to caffeine and provides similar effects. However, unlike caffeine, theacrine develops tolerance at a much slower rate according to this study.

One interesting characteristic of theacrine is that it appears to promote relaxation at lower doses, which are similar to levels found in teas.

Despite these advantages, theacrine isn’t as popular as caffeine. This compound has a higher cost relative to caffeine. Energy drink and soda companies would have to increase retail prices by a significant margin.

Supplement Synergy

Theacrine is found in energy and thermogenic formulas alongside caffeine and dicaffeine malate. Examples include Theatrim and Powder City’s discontinued Focus3d. Since caffeine and theacrine share signaling pathways, they compliment each other when stacked.

Theacrine Dosage

Take one 100mg capsule. Theacrine’s half-life is almost double caffeine’s half-life, so wait at least six hours before taking a second capsule. Do not take theacrine within 8-12 hours before bedtime.

Curator’s Notes

Theacrine is a useful tool if you’re trying to quit your caffeine habit. I found that I still had caffeine cravings while taking theacrine as a replacement, but it reduced the tiredness that came with the reduction or elimination of caffeine. However, if you are looking quit caffeine, I recommend slowly reducing your daily caffeine dosage and gradually replacing it with theacrine rather than trying to stop caffeine all at once.