Fish Oil DHA EPA 1:1 (Ultra Strength) 90 Softgels


Quick Points

  • Supports join health
  • Ideal for cognitive stacks
  • Third-party tested

synonyms: Omega-3, DHA and EPA

ALLERGY WARNING: Contains fish

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What is Ultra Strength Fish Oil?

Unlike most fish oil supplements, this ultra strength format contains an equal 1:1 ratio of 325mg DHA and 325mg EPA. This ratio is ideal for cognitive stacks such as the uridine stack, which requires DHA, uridine, and an optional choline source like alpha-GPC.


Fish oil supports cardiovascular and brain health. DHA-rich fish oil supplements such as this one are ideal for cognitive, or nootropic, stacks. Fish oil supplements also promote healthy joints.

Powder Dosage and Instructions

Take 1 to 4 softgels daily in the morning or with stacks.

Common Stacks

Fish oil is often used in stacks requiring a fat source. Oil-containing supplements aid the absorption of fat-soluble ingredients like CoQ10 powder.