Rutaecarpine Powder 5 Grams


Quick Facts

  • NAC is a great replacement for rutaecarpine
  • Gets caffeine out of your system fast
  • US lab tested

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No more rutaecarpine? No problem. NAC reduces caffeine dependency and is a useful substitute product for rutaecarpine.

Rutaecarpine is extracted from the evodia rutaecarpa plant. This supplement’s primary benefit is negating the effects of caffeine in your system. This is useful if you need to sleep after a day of drinking coffee or taking caffeine supplements.

Decaffeinate with Rutaecarpine

In one animal study, rutaecarpine reduced the systemic exposure of caffeine and its metabolites: paraxanthine and theobromine. The study suggested that rutaecarpine increases the metabolism of caffeine.

How to Take

Measure 100mg and mix the powder in a drink or take the powder straight. The taste is mild to slightly bitter so a sweetener may not be necessary. Rutaecarpine powder does not mix well in water and will float on top of the drink.

Curator’s Notes

Powdered rutaecarpine is tough to find since Powder City’s closure. The only other source seems to be a branded encapsulated version on Amazon. If the remaining Powder City inventory sells well, then we will continue with this same product under another BeamZen Seller’s brand.

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