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DIY Home Gym Equipment

One of the first challenges I faced when I first started exclusively working out from home was that all the my routines in some way were based on equipment only accessible at the gym. And by accessible, I mean I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a smith machine. Now, I like to get my hands dirty like the next guy, but I’m not the mastermind designer…so I was really fortunate to come across some pretty awesome material online that helped make my transition so much easier. This is why I wanted to share some of the home gym wisdom that has “thinking outside of the box” written all over it. I love many things about working out at home, but ingenuity is really up there on my list of reasons. Check out the videos below:

The Pull Up Bar

This is an essential piece of home fitness exercise equipment. And even though I routinely use a doorway pull up bar I’ve purchased, for the creative-minded individuals, I wanted to showcase these designs based on inventiveness.

How to make Extreme Pull Up Bar P90X Style

How to make your own suspension trainer (similar in function that of blast straps and the TRX system). Extremely versatile and can be adjusted in length to suit any upper body, lower body, or trunk exercise. www.stevoreed.blogspot.com

DIY Pull Up Bar

A quick, strong, and inexpensive DIY Pull Up Bar. Less than $30 and less than 30 minutes of your time. Perfect for P90X.

Homemade Monkey Bars/Pullup System

Here’s brief instructions for our homemade pull up and monkey bar system. Make sure to get on or trainingroom online email newsletter list to receive updates on other cool homemade equipment ideas.

Dip Station

Here’s a great example of how to set yourself up for success when you want to add dips into your workout routines. If you don’t have access to a park with a set of parallel bars, or don’t have chairs that are sturdy enough to hold your weight, then check out this video below.

Homemade Gym Equipment – dip stands


One of the best tools to use in creating a set of rock-hard-abs is a pair of parallettes. These are generally thought of as just gymnastic equipment. But with exercises like the L-Sit becoming more popular, so are parallettes.

Making PVC Parallettes


If you love kettlebells like I do, you might know how much one of these puppies alone can cost you close to an arm and a leg. Trying to put together a set? The price would be ridiculous. For training purposes, having the right weight is super important. I wouldn’t recommend trying to use one bell for all your exercise needs. It just isn’t feasible, nor is it safe. So, here’s a detailed series of instructions for building your own kettlebells so you can switch out the right amount of weight for your specific needs: Revel Fitness’ Homemade Pro-Style Adjustable Kettlebell that weighs in at 5 LB (2 KG) when empty and up to 66 LB (30 KG) when fully loaded.

Part 1 of 3: Homemade Adjustable Kettlebell

Part 2 of 3: Homemade Adjustable Kettlebell

Part 3 of 3: Homemade Adjustable Kettlebell

Bulgarian Sandbag:

This is for sure an underrated piece of workout equipment that will Kick-Your-Butt if you give it a chance. This video is actually put together by my buddy Troy at Cube.Dweller.Fitness, and he’s pretty well versed in how to really get the most out of this tool for developing some hardcore dynamic strength.

Power Rack:

For anyone looking to lift serious weight, and I mean if you’re aiming to get professional bodybuilder size and volume, a power rack is going to be an integral piece of home fitness exercise equipment. This will allow one to load up their olympic barbells with massive weight loads, to nail those bench presses for that massive chest.

Make your own Power Rack

Homemade Power Rack

Home Gym Apparatus:

I’m a fan of bodyweight routines, and really like what the people at TRX have done for the cause. Yet, why does it have to cost to much. The basic package for this home fitness exercise equipment system ranges around $190. That’s really way out there for a suspension training apparatus that’s designed to build strength using your own body weight as resistance. There are low-cost alternative, however, but still that’s putting down more money that you should probably have to dish out. Here are few cheaper alternatives to help you get the same type of results.

How To Make a Home Suspension Training System Under $25

In this video, I will show you step by step how to make your own home suspension training system-all for under $25 bucks. You can do just about all the exercises that the TRX training system provides but without the ridiculous price tag! This is a must have addition to your home fitness gym.

Make Your Own Suspension Trainer

How to make a versatile home gym for about $25.00 with rope, prusik loops, and PVC pipe.

Weighted Vest:

The thing I love about weighted vests is that I can continue working on my fundamental strength exercises without much of a problem. I just suit up (all you really need is a backpack to get you going) and pound out the reps. This is such a great solution for increasing the difficulties of pushups and pull ups when the muscles need more of a challenge.

FREE Home Made Weight Vest In Seconds!!

Jungle Fit founder and fitness expert Timothy Bell shows you how to rev up your body weight workouts with a FREE and easy to make weight vest!

Boxing Gear:

Not everyone may be a boxing as a sport, but to get a workout that will build your strength and endurance levels at the same time, this is one mean sport. And, with the popularity explosion of MMA having a heavy bag as part of your regular home fitness exercise equipment is almost mandatory now. The standard heavy bag you can purchase at your local sporting good store is 100 lbs. This is great for beginners just learning to hit and building up the arm and wrist strength. But for the more advanced practitioner, this just won’t it. So instead of laying down a few Benjamin’s, this is a great solution for setting up your home gym with this bad ass piece of equipment.

Backyard MMA Heavy bag part 1

Here’s how to make a cheap heavy bag All you need is military duffel bag a bunch of old blankets in a good place to hang it

Backyard MMA Heavy bag part 2

I know there are ton of other great resources available to make your own home fitness exercise equipment, and this is really just the tip of the iceberg of what people are accomplishing in their home gyms, so I’ll make sure to share with you some other great tips/tricks/ideas as I stumble across them. Also, if you have your own way of putting your DIY savvy in to motion don’t hesitate to send them my way.