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How to Get Rid of Water Weight – Seven Ways to Crack The Six Pack Code

If you really want that six-pack to show sometimes steering your diet for fat loss just isn’t enough. Sometimes you’ll need to think about how to get rid of water weight, because more often than not it’s usually the culprit that keeps a lean physique just out of reach. In this post I’ll list seven […]

Hacking the BluePrint Cleanse: How to Get the Same Results But at Half the Cost

Blueprint Cleanse and Diet Do you know there’s one simple method for putting on muscle or losing fat? It’s not some secret formula. And there are no Paypal accounts involved. It’s simply knowing the amount of maintenance calories your body needs each day. Using this piece of knowledge will let your hard-fought efforts show. Yet, […]

5 Steps to Increase Your Testosterone

Let’s talk about testosterone Testosterone is primarily a male sex hormone, though it can also be found in small amounts in females.  It plays a key role in developing male musculature & bone mass, as well as forming reproductive tissues and habits. We’re talking performance here fellas. Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is important for many […]

Stay Connected to Improve Brain Function

They say that human beings are social animals. It seems intuitive (even for introverts!) that social contact has benefits. Obviously we need other people to fulfill basic needs such making sure that our genes outlive us. Maybe less obviously, we seem to need other people to maintain adequate levels of mental well-being and motivation. Even […]

Coffee And Sugar to Improve Your Brain Efficiency

The Holidays… For most people, this period rhymes with chocolate, tea, coffee, and lots of sweet treats. As we all know, all these are to be consumed in moderate quantities. But what if a mix of coffee and sugar suddenly became legitimate to boost your brain efficiency? A study by a team of Spanish researchers […]

Your Brain in the Digital Age

Sometimes the speed of technological advancement and the rate of change is awe-inspiring. In many cases new technology makes our lives easier. Just imagine living without the benefits of wireless communication or the ease of access to information on the Internet. But as technology makes some of our tasks easier, is it changing the way […]

When Retirement Leads to Memory Decline

A recent paper with the title “Mental Retirement” is currently suggesting that early retirement may lead to quicker memory decline. According to Laura L. Carstensen from Stanford University. The study suggests that work actually provides an important component of the environment that keeps people functioning optimally. The analysis of the data which was collected for […]

Cannot Remember a Face? Blame Your Parents!

Are you one of the lucky individuals that can remember the face of everyone you meet? If so, there is a good chance that you likely inherited this trait from one of your parents. In a recent study (Human Face Recognition Ability is Specific and Highly Heritable) published in the Proceedings of the National Academy […]