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How to Get Rid of Water Weight – Seven Ways to Crack The Six Pack Code

If you really want that six-pack to show sometimes steering your diet for fat loss just isn’t enough. Sometimes you’ll need to think about how to get rid of water weight, because more often than not it’s usually the culprit that keeps a lean physique just out of reach. In this post I’ll list seven […]

Best Trapezius (Trap) Exercises With Dumbbells

Dumbbells can really help to get you a great workout without needing a ton of fitness equipment. They’re especially handy if you find yourself pressed for time. You can just load up a set of dumbbells and get going. Below are some good trap exercises. And if you’re looking to put some trapezius exercises into […]

Hacking the BluePrint Cleanse: How to Get the Same Results But at Half the Cost

Blueprint Cleanse and Diet Do you know there’s one simple method for putting on muscle or losing fat? It’s not some secret formula. And there are no Paypal accounts involved. It’s simply knowing the amount of maintenance calories your body needs each day. Using this piece of knowledge will let your hard-fought efforts show. Yet, […]