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Healthy Aging Amino Acids – Arginine and Methionine

Two of the healthy aging amino acids are arginine (also called L-arginine) and methionine. Aging causes the breakdown of your body’s cells, and the reduction of regeneration of those cells as we did in our younger days. Cells die and do not renew the way they used to, which we need to produce overall healing and health. 

DNA can affect the body’s triggers regarding aging, but many times the environment also is a factor. Environmental alterations can occur based on diet, and healthy aging amino acids may include essential and non-essential amino acids. Non-essential amino acids are produced by the body, but essential amino acids are only gotten through diet. Different amino acids can do different things for the body; however, healthful aging amino acids are specific to factors of aging.

Healthy aging amino acids arginine and methionine and carnitine

Arginine is considered semi-essential, or conditionally essential, while methionine is an essential amino acid. People tend to associate getting old with physical beauty, such as wrinkled skin, shiny hair or hair growth (especially out of the ears and nose, or on other parts of the body), or even healthy nails.

The answer: healthy aging amino acids support collagen production and how the skin functions. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, so its importance in health and wellness are usually visually evident. Remember to stay away from too much sun as UV (ultraviolet) rays can damage and dry out the skin, and harsh environments can reduce skin elasticity, causing wrinkles.

Healthful aging amino acids like arginine and carnitine, which form creatine, support healthy skin. There are anti-aging amino acids in some “amino acid creams” as well, but eating raw foods is one of the best ways to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Consider adding arginine, methionine, and carnitine to your diet through protein foods like meat, fish, and eggs. These amino acids should help your skin look more youthful.