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How to Get Rid of Water Weight – Seven Ways to Crack The Six Pack Code

If you really want that six-pack to show sometimes steering your diet for fat loss just isn’t enough. Sometimes you’ll need to think about how to get rid of water weight, because more often than not it’s usually the culprit that keeps a lean physique just out of reach.

In this post I’ll list seven tips that can bring those abs out of hiding.

For anyone who’s ever felt just a bit bloated it’s not a pleasant feeling. What can be worse is no one needs to suffer through the effects. Literally, it’s only just a few simple strategies away from limiting, or preventing, the mental and physical toll. The medical term for an accumulation of watery fluid is called Edema, and you can snap out of its grip with the following tips.

7 Tips on How To Get Rid of Water Weight

It’s unfortunate that around 95 percent of all people who are successful in reaching their weight loss goals ultimately put the weight back on within 2-3 years.

It just goes to show that the term “diet” is out-dated, and should be revised with the phrase “lifestyle change.” This means you’re replacing the quick fix with a solution that offers long-term responsibility and sustainability.

For anyone looking for the right approach to get a lean body, eating the right foods is key, and that’s not just for fat loss, but overall weight loss. And eating right plays a significant role in shedding off water weight. As the body is a machine, it needs to be fueled properly to run efficiently, and it needs to be hydrated to stay in top shape, and that is why tip number one is at the very top of this list.

#1: Stay Hydrated

Yup, one of the best ways to kill off the excess water you’re carrying around is to drink plenty of it. When you’re sufficiently hydrated the body doesn’t need to worry about becoming a water tank. The right signals get sent out that allow for a better flushing of any stored fluid. This makes it important to bring your body out of survival mode. If anything, this should be the first tip put into practice by anyone figuring out how to get rid of water weight.

#2: Lose that Shaker of Salt

Sodium is almost in every bite of food we eat, every single day. I’m not going to harp on it being unhealthy, because it does play a role in our over-all health, but try not to go beyond the daily suggested dosage of 500mg.

#3: Carb Reduction

There’s a method that bodybuilders or fighters use to get contest ready, and that’s to deplete on carbohydrates for the first part of the week, and then load up with carbs right before the big day.

How to get contest ready:

  • Sunday no carbs
  • Monday no carbs
  • Tuesday no carbs
  • Wednesday yes carbs
  • Thursday yes carbs
  • Friday yes carbs
  • Saturday maybe carbs

If you were to choose to eat on the day of your contest (which is Saturday in this illustration) then you’ll want to eat starchy complex carbs, like that of a sweet potato.

There’s a lot of specifics in this depleting and loading cycle such as how sodium plays a major part and how much water to drink when applying this technique.

From Sunday (the start of the week in this plan) through Wednesday we’ll stay away from any and all carbs.

You’ll want to consume carbs in a smart way. Fruits and vegetables are almost the perfect sources to use. You don’t want to drink calories, and you want to stay away from drinking those carbs too. It’s tough from those who love beer (like myself). But you if want to get that six-pack looking defined then you might need to relegate yourself down to a bottle once a week.

#4 Up Your Fiber Intake

This tip doesn’t specifically impact water retention. In many diet programs, vegetables and fruit are a major component. However, anyone looking to learn how to get rid of water weight could still benefit from reducing the bloated look. One of the reasons is that it helps to regulate your hunger. But while you’ll want to keep your sugar intake low, with enough fiber in your diet you are taking the steps to regulate your intestines. This will limit the visual effects of having the bloated look to your physique.

#5: Add in a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Caffeine is a diuretic, and can help with maintaining the loss of water weight. In small doses, a cup of coffee in the morning may be an effective way to put a fissure in any water retention without making too much of a drastic change in a diet. But, beware. If you’re drinking too much caffeine you may end up retaining more water weight instead. And that’s not what we’re after.

#6: Get More Potassium

If your diet is a bit on the low side when it comes to potassium in your diet, you might be actually setting yourself up for weight gain. With potassium deficiency the body responds with water retention. Bananas, dates and potatoes are terrific meal options to supply the system with potassium. Even eating salmon or turkey can deliver a good value of potassium to reap the full benefits of this mineral. You can even get your medical professional to help supervise potassium supplementation if you need just a little more help with cutting through the fluid buildup.

#7: Stick to Your Workouts

When you’re working out right, you sweat. When you’re working out right, you tend to eat better. You also tend to live a healthier lifestyle: so that means you’ll probably be the one skipping the extra doughnut at your weekly meeting, or delighting in the fact that a plain cup of coffee is good on its own without needing to add in a couple of pumps of flavor, or dumping in tons of sugar.

If any of these tips (one or all of them) can help anyone looking to learn how to get rid of water weight, then any effort battling for a lean physique won’t be for nothing. Usually, the last five pounds of weight hugging your belly can be the hardest, only if you aren’t ready for the fight. Getting to the point where your body and mind are ready for the challenge, you’re golden.