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No Gym? No Problem!

The goal here is simple: to help as many people break free of the vicious grip the gyms have on their wallets. I used to think that hitting the gym was the best thing I could do to keep myself fit. It just seemed the logical step to reaching and maintaining my fitness goals. Getting started is often the hardest part. But year-after-year I’d fall into the same old trap of get super jazzed about starting the year off “right” by getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle. I’d buy new gear, dust off my gym card, the one constant reminder that I was paying for something I never used because I saw it everyday dangling from my key chain. But as time wore on, so did my new-found enthusiasm. Days would turn into weeks and eventually months would go by before I took a stand against all the excuses. The most common ones were: work, family, friends, stress, traffic and time. And talking with most people, these seem to be universal excuses.

How This Can Help You

There’s a lot of information online. But not all of that is going to be quality. I’ve spent a lot of time researching effective methods to transform your routines as home-based sessions. I do believe that you can gain muscle and lose fat without needing to get in your car. You don’t even need a treadmill! This site is meant for someone looking to get in athletic shape. I definitely believe in adding muscle to your frame, but not at the consequence of your over-all physique. And you can finally check off your long-term muscle building goals without a gym membership. A good place to start is with these crossfit workout routines.

Why a Mentor is Important For Success

I’m no Spring Chicken anymore. I’ve just entered my 30s (I can hear the hisses as I write this) and know I can’t eat like I did when I was 21. I can’t workout, or not workout, like I did when I was 25. I don’t have the metabolism of a cheetah…but neither does the average, everyday person who’s interested in finally reaching their weight loss goals of muscle developing plans. I like to write outside of the topics you’d find in many fitness magazines. Their goal is to hook you to buy their latest protein powder or workout plan. So, my ideas my cross paths with theirs briefly, but it will always be short-lived.

Hacking the BluePrint Cleanse: How to Get the Same Results at Half the Cost

Blueprint Cleanse and Diet Do you know there’s one simple method for putting on muscle or losing fat? It’s not some secret formula. It’s simply knowing the amount of maintenance calories your body needs each day. Using this piece of knowledge will let your hard-fought efforts show. Yet, with the many ways to calculate your […]

The Usain Bolt Guide To Blazing Speed: How The Golden Ratio Indicates Athletic Potential

Summary: We find that daVinci’s Vitruvian Man may have more to tell us than we initially gathered: it hides the potential for the optimal running angle (The Vitruvian Running Angle) and opens up questions about whether or not Usain Bolt’s near-perfect aesthetic ratios indeed are the reason that he is the fastest man alive. ************ […]