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The Usain Bolt Guide To Blazing Speed: How The Golden Ratio Indicates Athletic Potential

Summary: We find that daVinci’s Vitruvian Man may have more to tell us than we initially gathered: it hides the potential for the optimal running angle (The Vitruvian Running Angle) and opens up questions about whether or not Usain Bolt’s near-perfect aesthetic ratios indeed are the reason that he is the fastest man alive. ************ […]

5 Steps to Increase Your Testosterone

Let’s talk about testosterone Testosterone is primarily a male sex hormone, though it can also be found in small amounts in females.  It plays a key role in developing male musculature & bone mass, as well as forming reproductive tissues and habits. We’re talking performance here fellas. Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is important for many […]

When Retirement Leads to Memory Decline

A recent paper with the title “Mental Retirement” is currently suggesting that early retirement may lead to quicker memory decline. According to Laura L. Carstensen from Stanford University. The study suggests that work actually provides an important component of the environment that keeps people functioning optimally. The analysis of the data which was collected for […]

Cognitive Ability is More Important than Age

In neuroscience news this week, a newly published study by Scott Huettel, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of psychology and neuroscience and director of the Duke Center for Neuroeconomic Studies) attempts to help disprove the myth that simply aging makes us inferior at financial decision making compared to our younger counterparts. Dr. Huettel’s study was published earlier […]

Is Brain Health Affected by Stressful Economic Times?

Does brain health suffer during stressful economic times? How? Generally speaking, stress does affect your cognitive capacity and ability. Memory performance decrease, it can become increasingly difficult to difficult to focus, etc.. In fact, when you are stressed out, a number of intrusive thoughts affects your working memory performance, and therefore, your ability to concentrate […]